New Baby?

Post-natal physio exercises at Physiotherapy for Women can help improve how you move and increase your ability to carry out everyday functions as a mum.

Neck Pain or Injury?

Neck pain is often the result of poor posture and modern lifestyle factors such as computer and office work, study and reading.

Bladder Control a Challenge?

Good bladder control depends on strong pelvic floor muscles. Don’t let bladder control issues hold you back. Ask us how we can help.


Physiotherapy for Women, established in the nineties at Lockleys in the western suburbs of Adelaide, is a unique women’s health physio clinic offering a wide range of skills and years of clinical experience.


The pelvic floor muscles are a group of muscles that sit like a trampoline at the bottom of the pelvic floor. They stretch from your tail bone at the back to the pubic bone.

Physiotherapy or physio as it is most commonly called is a profession which is aimed at the assessment, maintenance, and restoration of the physical function and performance.

Obstetricians and medical carers often refer a pregnant woman to Physiotherapy for Women for our clinical appraisal and treatment. However, any pregnant women can seek out our Physiotherapy Pregnancy Services as a medical referral is not required.

Our physiotherapists have empathy and the clinical skills to assist new mums in the particular challenges they face following the birth of their child.

Covid-19 UpdateFrom Physiotherapy for Women

We are Open and Here to Help You!

As always your health and safety are of paramount importance to us. During this difficult time we are still here to support you and our community.
Before coming to the clinic, reception staff will ask all clients questions related to social isolation and recent travel, any contact with a Coronavirus person and the status of their current respiratory and general health.

It is important to understand the value we place on the health and welfare of every client and staff member. A hygiene protocol along with safety precautions are in place for both staff and clients coming in to the practice and before leaving. Infection control protocols are being used by staff within the clinic as set out in the current COVID-19 health guidelines.

We are using disinfectant spray, wipes or solutions for treatment surfaces, equipment, chairs, door knobs, computers, phones, HICAPS and bathroom areas, along with regular cleaning of the clinic. Social distancing will always be important in the practice. However your pain, discomfort and loss of movement need to be prioritised in our clinical setting. The Australian Government considers physiotherapy to be an essential service during this pandemic. Provision of our allied health service to the community is vital to assist in lowering unnecessary visits to medical clinics and hospitals, whose staff are very busy handling the effects of the virus within our community.

Telehealth consultations online or over the phone are also available to our clients. We are pleased many private health funds have recognised the importance of physiotherapy assessments and treatments continuing via video or phone, with rebates being provided. If you are thinking Telehealth is the preferred option for you please contact your health fund for information on what they are offering their members.

We have reduced our hours of physiotherapy contact within the practice to enable our staff to increase their time at home.

Please give Physiotherapy for Women a call on 08 8443 3355 if you require further information or if you, a family member or friend needs physiotherapy. You can also email us at: