Louise Rudgeley


Helping women to maintain an active lifestyle throughout their various life stages, and feel empowered about their health, are key motivators in Louise’s practice.

Graduating from King’s College London in 2008, Louise has worked in London and Adelaide across a variety of settings and clinical areas. She utilises this experience to cater for clients with a variety of musculoskeletal conditions and rehabilitation needs to get them back to doing what is important to them and feeling confident in their bodies.

Pregnancy and postnatal recovery are particular areas of interest. With young children, Louise is aware of the challenges that can be faced during these times and the benefits that can be gained from taking a holistic approach to care during these times of change in a women’s life.

Continuing to develop her knowledge and remaining current in her practice are of high importance to Louise; she undertakes regular training and professional development opportunities and has additional training in areas such as Clinical Pilates, continence and women’s health and occupational health.

Outside of work, Louise enjoys keeping active-playing netball, running and doing Pilates, in addition to getting outside with her young family and making the most of the warm Australian weather! Good food, a good book and catching up with friends are also also key at helping Louise keep life balanced.