Rebecca has 35 years of physiotherapy experience, with a special interest in the life stages of women and the associated musculoskeletal presentations that can occur at any time of a woman’s journey through life. Continuing to always learn and develop one’s knowledge and manual therapy skills is a belief that has helped Rebecca pursue many areas of study in women’s health, continence, and exercise therapy.

When 3 children became a vital part of her life in the eighties, Rebecca embraced the role physiotherapy had to play in the child bearing years of a woman’s life. Pregnancy and the postnatal period became a special interest for Rebecca, with the following areas being relevant to her work as a Physiotherapist: abdominal muscle rehabilitation, pelvic floor muscle training, core muscle research, Pilates, pelvic girdle pain, hip pain, lumbar-pelvic instability, headaches, back and neck pain.

In 1993, Rebecca completed a Graduate Certificate in Physiotherapy (Women’s Health) from the University of South Australia. This set her on a path to assist women in improving their physical health, which she recognised as being an important part of feeling vital and happy in this world.

Over the years Rebecca has developed skills in assessment, education and treatment of diverse presentations of pain and dysfunction in a women’s body, regardless of the woman’s age.

The current research on pain, physical dysfunction and the brain is of particular interest to Rebecca. Neuroplasticity refers to the brain’s ability to change with exercise, correct movement patterns and postural awareness. These three areas are a defining part of physiotherapy treatment.

Rebecca enjoys life away from work, respecting the need to find that balance between living and loving life to its fullest. Her sense of adventure and wanting to experience the many sides that nature has to offer, has encouraged Rebecca to enjoy long distance bush walking, kayaking, snow skiing and gardening. Rebecca is a passionate cook who enjoys entertaining with family and friends.