Carolyn Smith


Carolyn has practiced physiotherapy since graduating in 1983. She has extensive musculoskeletal experience in private practice having worked in Adelaide, rural South Australia and New Zealand.

Carolyn is passionate about women achieving their goals throughout all stages of life by providing a holistic approach to assessment, treatment and education. In particular she is experienced in working with pregnant and postnatal women. With training in both Mat and Clinical Pilates, Carolyn believes exercise is the key to an optimal functioning body and mind.

In her years of juggling work, life and family Carolyn appreciates how hard it is to find that necessary balance point. Carolyn understands how women often end up placing themselves at the “end of the list”, this position being to the detriment of both themselves and those in their care.

Carolyn strives to offer women the best physiotherapy treatment outcome by maintaining an active continuing education program in a wide variety of treatment techniques. She has gained skills in the following manual therapy areas:

  • Strain-Counterstrain treatment for muscle and joint pain where tissues are placed in a position of greatest comfort to produce release.
  • Advanced Dry Needling and Acupuncture
  • Muscle Energy for pelvic girdle, lumbar and neck pain.
  • Vertigo (BPPV) treatment.

Carolyn is a qualified Nordic walking instructor and enjoys this activity along with cycling to keep fit. Time relaxing with her adult children and friends is a high priority. She loves to read, volunteers at her church and has just entered the world of quilting!