Pregnancy & Post Natal Exercise Classes

By Healthweb | May 27, 2015

Pregnancy Exercise Classes

Why exercise while pregnant?

During pregnancy your body is undergoing rapid changes both physically and mentally. At Physiotherapy for Women we can demonstrate that there are a number of benefits to exercising correctly through this important time in your life including:

  • Strengthening and stretching the important muscle systems required to better support you, and help you move through your pregnancy.
  • Fewer side effects of pregnancy such as insomnia, anxiety, heartburn, high blood pressure, carpel tunnel, leg cramps and body aches and pains.
  • Appropriate pregnancy weight gain.
  • Preparing you physically and mentally for the delivery of your baby.
  • To promote muscle strength and awareness in key parts of your body, in readiness for the post natal period.

Why choose Physiotherapy for Women?

Physiotherapy for Women is proud to be offering women over 20 years experience providing physiotherapy in Adelaide, to pregnant women in a clinical and exercise class setting. This experience and our commitment to continuing further education for our therapists, provides us with the skills to assist you in improving or maintaining your physical health during your pregnancy.

Whilst exercising, pregnant women have the opportunity to take time out for themselves and have a laugh and share experiences with each other. They will also be in the rewarding position of receiving guidance from skilled physiotherapists, who are passionate about this vital time in a woman’s life.

The pregnancy exercise classes at Physiotherapy for Women have been designed to maximize the benefits above. The physiotherapists at Physiotherapy for Women are also experienced in assisting you in the post natal period and beyond. Therefore we can offer you consistency of care.

Is it safe to exercise when pregnant?

Exercise during pregnancy is safe in a low risk pregnancy. At Physiotherapy for Women we ask you to obtain written consent from your Obstetrician, Doctor or Midwife, before attending a class to ensure your safety.

Do I have to be very fit to attend?

No, the pregnancy exercise class is taken at your own pace and progressions on each exercise can be made as you feel stronger. It is recommended that if you have any ache or pains that you first attend a consultation with one of the physiotherapists. The pregnancy exercise class runs for 60 minutes and class numbers are controlled.

Are there exercise classes for after I have the baby?

Yes, with years of experience working with post-natal women and treating the physical conditions that are common during this period of time, our skilled physiotherapists at Physiotherapy for Women have developed a post-natal rehabilitation exercise program.

Post Natal Exercise Classes

At Physiotherapy for Women we offer an individualized Physio exercise program held in a group setting. The post-natal exercise class combines exercise systems including Swiss Ball, Chi Ball, resistance band, balance boards and mats, weights, aerobic resistance and interval training on recumbent cycle, Pilates equipment (reformer, trapeze table chair and barrel), Freeform board, motion bar and shaker rod

Why is post natal rehabilitation important?

After carrying and delivering your baby into the world your post pregnancy body undergoes a number of physical changes. Having a new baby in your life also adds a number of physical, emotional and social stresses. Post-natal exercise classes at Physiotherapy for Women can help you by:

  • Toning and flattening your post baby tummy.
  • Increasing the strength and balance of your stabilizing muscles and help you regain your pre-pregnancy body.
  • Reducing or eliminating aches and pains.
  • Improving how you move and increasing your ability to carry out everyday functions as a mum.
  • Improving mood and mind set.
  • Providing an opportunity for “me” time, which helps you be a happier and more responsive mum.

What is offered at Physiotherapy for Women?

Exercise classes incorporate the exercise systems mentioned above equipment, catering for the individual needs of each post-natal woman. In this setting the physiotherapist is able to progress or alter the individual program as required.

A one on one consultation is needed for every client entering the post-natal exercise classes. If a woman presents with pain or a post-natal condition requiring physiotherapy treatments, then more than one first consultation will need to be accepted. Our physiotherapists at Physiotherapy for Women aim to get you into the class setting as quickly as possible.

A prescribed home exercise program that promotes maintenance of the strengthening and stretching systems gained in the post-natal class is available to all women attending the Physio Exercise Clinic at Physiotherapy for Women.