Pregnancy Physiotherapy Services

By Healthweb | June 5, 2015

Adelaide Pregnancy Physiotherapy Services have been provided to women for many years at Physiotherapy for Women. Our Physiotherapists have empathy and the clinical skills to assist pregnant women who may present with physical difficulties during their pregnancy.

We believe in not only assessing and treating the presenting condition, but also in providing a pregnant woman with the information that will assist her to be more comfortable in her work and home environment.

Obstetricians and medical carers often refer a pregnant woman to Physiotherapy for Women for our clinical appraisal and treatment. However, any pregnant women can seek out our Physiotherapy Pregnancy Services as a medical referral is not required.

Common pregnancy conditions treated by the Physiotherapists are listed:

  • Low back pain, pelvic girdle pain, buttock muscle pain, hip pain/stiffness, sacroiliac joint pain, pubic joint pain, sciatica, pelvic girdle instability
  • Shoulder blade pain, thoracic pain/stiffness, rib pain, neck pain/stiffness, headaches
  • Pelvic floor muscle weakness, bladder weakness, urinary stress incontinence
  • Core abdominal muscle weakness and pain
  • Leg muscle cramps
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist and finger pain/tingling/numbness
Why are Pregnancy Support Belts and Taping used?

When the joints, ligaments and muscles of the pregnant pelvis are not working efficiently and as a supportive team, the pelvis will have difficulty transferring weight from the legs to the spine and vice versa. This forms the basis for pregnancy related Pelvic Girdle Instability and Pelvic Girdle Pain. In these situations the physiotherapist may need to fit a pelvic belt, abdominal support, SRC Pregnancy Shorts or Leggings to the pregnant woman experiencing pain or having difficulty walking.

Specific forms of taping, including Kinesiology Taping, can be also chosen to take strain of overworking muscles, painful joints, ligaments and nerves.

What are the benefits of Pregnancy Exercise Classes?

Please refer to the services provided section for information on these classes provided at Physiotherapy for Women.

Pregnancy and Post-Natal Classes

What is Labour TENS?
tens machine packtens machine

The word TENS means Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. Since the 1960’s, TENS has been used in pain modulation. A low frequency current produces a tingling sensation on the skin beneath surface electrodes. The messages travel via nerve pathways to the spinal chord and brain, where pain messages can be decreased or altered.

Labour TENS is very safe with no known side effects for mother or baby. It can be useful in assisting a woman in labour to be more active with her birthing process by reducing drug medication.

Physiotherapy for Women has available for hire the latest, portable obstetric TENS units. It is user friendly and easy to operate in labour.

The obstetric TENS unit has a boost switch for additional pain control. This is beneficial at times of intense uterine contraction and/or strong labour back pain.

It is advisable to practice using the TENS unit 3 -4 weeks before your expected delivery date.