About Us

The staff at Physiotherapy for Women has empathy for our female clients presenting to us for treatment of their physical condition and/or when undertaking an exercise class in the clinic.

We are passionate about maintaining healthy bodies and moving well through life. Finding the balance point that promotes physical and emotional well being in all individuals is what we strive for.

Our Staff

Rebecca Crawford

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Rebecca has 30 years’ experience in physiotherapy, graduating in 1977 from the South Australian Institute of Technology. In 1993 she completed a Graduate Certificate in Physiotherapy (Women’s Health) from the University of South Australia.

Rebecca is a member of the Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Group, the Continence and Women’s Health Group and the Acupuncture and Dry Needling Group of the Australian Physiotherapy Association.

When three children became a vital part of her life as a mother in the eighties, Rebecca embraced the role that physiotherapy has to play in this phase of a woman’s life.

She developed her skills as a childbirth educator and saw the need to provide exercise classes for pregnant and post natal women. Rehabilitation of post natal abdominal muscles over the years, gave her the opportunity to develop exercise systems that focus on attaining trunk core control, with the inclusion of correct pelvic floor muscle activation. Rebecca has qualifications in Pilates rehabilitation and recommends a variety of exercise to assist recovery and prevent injury.

Her skills in manual therapy and massage enable Rebecca to treat diverse presentations of pain and weakness in the woman’s body, regardless of the woman’s age. She has a special interest in headaches, neck, and shoulder pain. Rebecca has undertaken the latest training available in this area, from physiotherapists researching neck disorders.

She has many years in assessing and treating pelvic girdle instability, hip and groin pain. This has enabled her to implement a rehabilitation program for women presenting with this commonly occurring condition.

Rebecca enjoys a life away from work, respecting the importance of finding that balance between living and loving life to its fullest. Her sense of adventure and wanting to experience the many sides that nature has to offer, have encouraged her to take on bush walking, kayaking, sailing, snow skiing, dancing and gardening as special interests. Hence Rebecca’s passion for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and keeping fit.

Rose Green

Rose 2013 (1) Physiotherapy for WomenRose graduated with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from the University of South Australia in 2004. She spent the next 5 years gaining experience working in acute public and private hospitals as well as private practice, in both Hobart and Darwin.

Following the birth of her first child in Darwin, Rose developed an interest in women’s health and the physical changes related to pregnancy. She moved back to Adelaide for the birth of her second daughter 18 months later. As a working mother, Rose appreciates the challenges women face physically (and emotionally) through pregnancy, childbirth and beyond.

Rose has a perspective in work life balance and strongly believes that physical fitness and well being is an integral component. When she is not working, Rose enjoys spending time with her family and keeps fit by running (she completed her first marathon in 2012), cycling, surfing and kayaking.

In terms of treatment techniques, over the past 9 years Rose has gained experience in massage, manipulation, electrotherapy, dry needling as well as individualised exercise prescription. Rose has a special interest in post surgical rehabilitation (spinal, orthopaedic), sports injuries, the treatment of headaches as well as pre and post natal physiotherapy.

 Leanne Slater

Physiotherapy for WomenLeanne graduated as a physiotherapist from the University of South Australia in 2008 with first class honours.  Her honours project resulted in both the systematic review and findings being published in peer-reviewed journals.  After graduating she moved to Broken Hill to be with her husband.  This gave her the opportunity to work at the regional hospital in a variety of physiotherapy areas.  In this setting Leanne developed her interest in Women’s Health, and worked hard to update and improve the physiotherapy services available to pregnant and postnatal women in Broken Hill.

She returned to Adelaide in 2010 to have her first child.  The experience of being pregnant, going through labour and the post natal period increased Leanne’s interest in Women’s Health and confirmed that this was the area that she wanted to focus on.  Leanne endeavours to keep up to date with research and is also committed to continuing education, striving to constantly increase her knowledge and skills.  Leanne is a member of the Australian Physiotherapy and the National Continence and Women’s Health group.

Leanne’s professional skills in massage, manual therapy techniques, exercise prescription and core muscle rehabilitation, enables her to provide the assessment and treatment of the many presenting conditions that women experience in their lifespan.  Her experience in becoming a mother has also enabled her to empathise with the changes a woman goes through physically, mentally and emotionally when having a baby, making her a strong patient advocate.

Leanne values her time with her family and is enjoying bringing up her beautiful baby daughter.  She enjoys walking, yoga and Pilates; whilst also indulging in snow skiing and horse riding, whenever the opportunity arises.

Amilia Krinas

058 Physiotherapy for Women

Amilia graduated with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from the University of South Australia in 2012. Since then she has followed her passion for women’s health working in private practice in Adelaide.

Prior to completing her Physiotherapy degree, Amilia completed a Bachelor of Science at Flinders University, majoring in microbiology. It was during this degree that her son arrived, and following his birth Amilia encountered a women’s health physiotherapist, who inspired her to take up the profession.

A daughter was to follow, and soon after completing her first degree Amilia took up the huge challenge of studying Physiotherapy full time, whilst helping to run her husband’s electrical business.

Completing her Physiotherapy studies whilst caring for two small children, Amilia can empathize with so many women out there that have huge demands to meet in life, both physically and emotionally.

Amilia is extremely keen to extend her knowledge whenever there is an opportunity and is frequently attending professional development courses; she has certificates in Dry Needling, Pilates and Women’s Health and is always looking to add more to her repertoire.

Passionate about women’s health, and particularly about educating and empowering women to put themselves higher on their priority list, Amilia is committed to proactive care and to promoting and delivering high quality physiotherapy services for women.

Marianne Lascelles

Physiotherapy for WomenSince arriving in Australia from the UK in 1975 Marianne has been employed in a variety of jobs, primarily in the health care sector.

Whilst living and working throughout Australia she has raised 2 lovely daughters and volunteered her personal time to organisations such as The Red Cross, Masters Games and The Royal Society for the Blind (where she trains guide dog pups).

Equipped with 30 years of practice management experience working for doctors, psychologists, podiatrists and physiotherapists, Marianne has been able to continually learn about the needs of women in all their life stages. These varied jobs have given her opportunity to continually up skill, enabling her to give an efficient and friendly service. Marianne has a genuine passion to deliver care and understanding to every client.

Marianne feels that the role of the office staff does not stop at just making appointments for clients with our knowledgeable and caring physiotherapists, but also in having an honest desire to make clients feel better from the moment that they walk in to reception at Physiotherapy for Women.