What is ‘Tech Neck’

By Adelaide Women's Physio | November 16, 2015

New Technology and the increased use of devices, such as smart phones and touch pads, presents a new problem.  It has been coined ‘tech neck’.  When you look down for long periods of time strain is placed on the joints and muscles of the neck.  This leads to neck pain, aches, headaches and stiffness.  The constant pressure on the spine can lead to a lump at the base of your neck.  Looking down a lot has been associated with sagging of your jaw line and a wrinkly neck!  So these changes in posture can also change your appearance.

To prevent this you need to spend less time on technology and use the following advice:

Lift the device to eye height

Use a stand for your I-pads and tablets

Download a text neck app that reminds you to change the position of your phone

Adjust your computer monitor so that it is at eye level

Regularly move and stretch your neck

Watch your posture, ensure your lower back is supported and you are sitting upright.

Our physiotherapist can advise you on using technology in a smarter way, help improve your posture, reduce muscle and joint tension and give you exercises to prevent and manage this problem.  This link also discusses neck pain.