Think Happy Thoughts

By Healthweb | August 20, 2014

Good Morning,

Carefully tend the garden of your mind

Your thoughts create your life. Everything that you do or create is a thought first.  Your thoughts influence your moods, your feelings and even how your body functions. So tend your thoughts well. Think happy thoughts. Have an attitude of gratitude. When something goes wrong, think about what you can learn from the experience.

Imagine how closely you would tend the garden of the mind if a dollar was given to you for every positive thought, and a dollar was taken away for every negative thought.

Imagine this were true, because as you think, so goes your life. If you dwell on your lack of money or love, you will have a lack of money or love. If you think thoughts of gratitude for all you have in your life, the floodgates of abundance will open up to you.


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