Physio Exercise Classes

By Healthweb | May 27, 2015

At Physiotherapy for Women our Physio Exercise Clinic combines exercise systems including Swiss Ball, Chi Ball,resistance band, balance boards and mats, weights, aerobic resistance and interval training on recumbent cycle, Pilates equipment(reformer, trapeze table, chair and barrel), Freeform board, motion bar and shaker rod.

Requirement for the Physio Exercise Classes.

A physiotherapy assessment is required prior to entering the Physio Exercise Clinic.  This enables a personalised exercise program to be prescribed, highlighting your needs and chosen goals.

Instruction on correct activation of your core muscle system is required, before loading this system efficiently in a variety of positions and with different movement patterns.

Improving your physical health with physiotherapy

Our experienced Physiotherapists work with you to progress your exercise program when you are ready or your needs change.

So now for the big question. Are you ready to feel stronger, decrease pain and stiffness, move better, gain flexibility, improve posture, challenge balance systems and have a sense of vitality? If YES, then Physio Exercise Classes have been designed for you.

With over twenty years experience in running classes in a clinical setting,  our physiotherapy skills assist women in restoring a happier balance to their physical health. This is an asset for life.