What Are Healthy Bowel Habits?

By Adelaide Women's Physio | April 13, 2016

Normal bowel function is often described as “regular”.

This description often leads to some misunderstanding where you may think a healthy bowel function requires going to the toilet daily to pass a bowel motion.

Healthy bowel habits may vary from opening your bowels one to three times a day to three times per week. The most common time for a bowel opening is after a meal, especially breakfast, but this timing can vary.

The consistency of the stool or bowel motion needs to be easily passed and well formed.  Refer to the Bristol Stool Chart to see where your bowel motion is graded by clicking on:


Healthy bowel function also includes:

  • Being able to hold on with effective pelvic floor muscle action, once you feel the first urge to go to the toilet. This gives you the time to get to the toilet, remove clothing and sit down.
  • Once sitting down your bowel motion should be passed within several minutes.
  • Being able to experience ease in passing a bowel motion.
  • Complete emptying of your bowel in that short time frame of bowel opening.

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