Have you got Headaches and Neck Tightness?

By Healthweb | October 9, 2013

My headaches and neck tightness respond so well to several therapy treatments, I then feel fine! However the problem keeps returning after a few weeks or months.

Why is this happening?

At Physiotherapy for Women we focus on our Physiotherapists receiving training on the latest neck treatment approaches that are based on current research.

The Physiotherapist selects the appropriate neck treatment for each client, based on skilled cervical spine (neck vertebra) and muscle assessment. Other areas of assessment and testing may be required for chronic headaches and recurring neck/shoulder tightness.

Neck pain, tightness and headaches usually ease after several physiotherapy treatments. If these positive results are to be sustained over time, it is essential that every client receives an exercise program.

Posture correction, maintaining neck range of movement, stretching tight muscles and strengthening weak muscle systems, (including core/neck stabilising muscles) are important components of the neck exercise program at Physiotherapy for Women.

This healthy Neck Maintenance Program assists in reducing the return of pain and neck tightness. Our clinical findings support this approach.