Get more Sleep

By Healthweb | February 9, 2015

What can help you feel more energized during the day, improve your mood and even help you lose weight? Sleep!  The body repairs and regenerates during sleep.

Even calcium is added to bones while you slumber.  Getting adequate sleep is the best way to help our mind and body function at its best.  Just as a cut may heal while we sleep, so can our mind.

We all kn ow that getting to bed earlier is easier said than done.  Make a positive move y allowing at least two nights a week to be ‘early to bed’ times.

Try avoiding food two hours before bedtime.  This can ensure that your digestive system isn’t overactive and keeping you awake.

Eliminate all light in your bedroom.

Yes, even a night light can promote a sounder, more sustained sleep.

Switch off brain stimulation (T.V.’s, computers, mobile phones) one hour before going to bed to assist falling asleep sooner.