Physio Exercise Classes

By Healthweb | May 27, 2015

pilatesWith clinical experience, continuing education and keeping up to date with research, our physiotherapists have developed clinical Pilates exercise classes, beneficial to women in all their life stages.

These classes combine Pilates equipment and mat work, where the physio selects the appropriate exercises, catering for the women’s individual needs.

Therefore physiotherapy assessment is required prior to entering the Pilates exercise classes.  This enables a personalised exercise program to be prescribed for each woman.

Instruction on correct activation of the core muscle system is required, before loading these muscle systems in a variety of positions and with different movement patterns.  The Pilates exercise classes include strengthening, stretching and balance work.

If you want to feel stronger, decrease pain and stiffness, move better, improve posture and have a sense of vitality, the Pilates rehab exercise classes have been designed for you.  We have over twenty years experience in running exercise classes in a clinical setting.

Our physiotherapy skills assist women in restoring a happier balance to their physical health, within a well equipped Pilates clinic.

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